I Have Seen People Cry During COVID: A Sad Poem

The COVID era was a difficult one and there was chaos everywhere. Just like a sad poem echoes of sadness, the time during COVID was full of sadness too. People suffered, people lost humanity, people displayed humanity, and there were things heard and seen that were hardly imagined.

The sad poem given below reflects briefly how terrible the situation was by covering few of the many aspects of the COVID times.

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I Have Seen People Cry! A Sad Poem


I have seen people fall,

I have seen people struggling for breaths,

I have seen blood stains,

I have seen swollen toes,

I have seen flat chests,

I have seen people losing hope, and

I have seen people cry!

The poor workers had the worst,

Imagine them walking with their children miles

And miles in hope of safely reaching their villages,

They slept on road, open and vulnerable, without

Much food and water, and without any choices.

They had just lost their wages,

But the image of their homes in their villages

Gave them strength to fall and rise and rise and fall,

Again and again,

And many died during their quest,

Many cried on the dead body of their children and wives,

And imagine the worst, wives and children crying over the

Body of their sole bread earner!

As though, this wasn’t enough,

Poor were robbed in the hospitals,

And innocent men being beaten on roads,

And the fury went on,

Men being given a chemical spray bath:

The humanity was lost in those glimpses,

The heart turned stone under those moments.

People cried with dead bodies in their homes,

Waiting for even an improper burial;

They cried and they smelled the amino acids rot;

Many poor lives put in danger, just because,

There was curfew on roads,

And every man was himself alone!

There was rage and anger everywhere,

O God, what a horrible sight it was;

There were sufferings and there was no respite,

And the businesses closed in a blink,

And no or dwindled monetary flow within the economy

Made it worse!

There were counts of infected and there were counts of

Deaths, and there were counts of traces too;

So many reports made it hard to find who to believe,

Nonetheless, it was all at the cost of good lives!

We sincerely hope that you liked the sad poem about how COVID touched lives and made them turn to ashes. There was no phoenix to rise, but only a gruesome    struggle to find – indeed, every heart was a brawl!

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Good Words for Lost Lives

(During COVID, we all lost loved ones; everyone was impacted. Now, it is time to pray for those lost souls!)

Horrid realms to find,

Horrible emotions to fight with,

An unearthed ghost made the town tremble with fear,

Deaths were so real and the pain was real too:

God, give them a good place in heaven to cheer about!

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