Rethinking Your Life with Happy Short Poems – Part I

This poem is a noticeable piece of so-called happy short poems that take their due place in the subconscious mind, keeping the bearer afloat in happy vibes and providing sure motivation to strive for happiness despite of evens/odds of life.

Here is your happy short poem:

Challenge your fundamentals and be like James Bond,

Not easy, least to say, but a quite possible bond:

Alas! Most people’s lives spare nonessential trivialities;

Finding hard is indeed striving for meaningful subjectivities!


Come out of the survival mode,

Feel sunshine on the silly roof of your abode;

There is a struggle for motivation as well as time,

And there may be old scars and dwindling dime!


But be fantastic and redesign your falling-short destiny,

Come out to think of well-deserved mutiny;

There is bread, kitchen, and garden to look after,

You have to work hard to be a crafter!


So go and learn daily something new;

Tell everyone including your nephew

Of your thoughts and ways to achieve the goal;

Be rock solid and keep on adding new coal!

Life is huge and there is so much happening around us every second that it becomes hard to keep focus on your aspirations of being uniquely creative.

There is noise both in house and around the neighborhood, and even the phone buzzes at random time, which makes it quite difficult to learn new things and even more important, sustain the acceleration. So why not read small happy short poems and bring back that lost zeal to creativity.

Choose your morning routine,

And change your life quickly:

Let’s begin from small but potent means:

Wake up and get in the zone;

Get moving quickly and please no frown;

Put the right nutritious diet in your belly;

Get ready, get inspired, get perspective, and wholly

Do something good

To move forward!

To be continued…