Affinity for a Sad Poem

Appreciating the Affinity for a Sad Poem

What is a sad poem and what does it signify? There are other questions too, including the role of a sad poem as a mood bender, that need answers in the context of contemporary literature.

Consider the below short piece of poetry, though not a typical sad genre, it is still not a happy genre, rather something deeper and vaguer but equally remarkable.

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True Reflection to Non-perfection

He stood by the bank,

His reflection wavy, and still clear.

What dost he thought,

The water had it all!

He must fall,

He must call;

Let both unite

To find his true self!

Appreciating a Sad Genre

the sad poem

How can one find his true self? Is it possible that a sad poetry can save us the day?

What are the prospects of finding non-perfection as we strive hard for near-perfection or perfection? Is it worth a try? What is the significance of a sad poem in our lives? What values does it hold for humanity to remain human, not some savage who is trying to devour everything it holds?

There are so many more questions, and we all strive to find answers within the context according to our own meticulous ways!

However, one thing is sure, there is more to appreciating the affinity for a sad poem than outrightly seen. A sad poem is just not a piece of poetry; the value it holds is quite high and not to be quickly ignored.

My life is good,

But still, I read a book;

There is happiness in my life,

But I find humanity in sad poetry. Give

Me rhymes to connect with woes

Of all; there must be some many who’s

Who –

A clue

Is what I need.

These are desperate times,

The whole world is desperate. Time’s

Is feverish,


What to think and what to read:

I must read a sad poem deed!

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Interaction with a Sad Poem

A sad genre of poem can sometimes be ruthless in its ways, but most of the time the tone is climbing stairs that lead to a climax.

There are numerous topics in sad poetry or poem (whatever called)  to write on, but most are dealing with day-to-day life. And why not? We humans share a similar morphology and things that affect us are also affecting others in similar ways.

For instance, let’s draw an analogy here.

The pollution is affecting all the same way when walking on a road, but inside home it may be slightly different. A rich person may have different gadgets in his home that would neutralize the effects of pollution; the same gadgets might not be available at a poor man’s house.

However, one thing is a surety, that is, the interaction with the pollution is always present.

Similarly, the sadness of life is something that is not going to disappear. There will always be sadness, death, diseases, shattered dreams, and so on. The relevance of a sad poetry is also going to stay, likewise. It is just that how we interact with a sad poem thought might differ.

But there will always be an interaction and when there is one, we are bound to get involved and get soaked in its reminiscence, which is nothing but Appreciating the Affinity for a Sad Poem.

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We sincerely hope you like this unique never ever explored topic in the context of a sad poetry. We promise literature with a twist. And this exploratory thought-provoking article is a giant step toward it.

Good luck reading a sad poetry!