Who are They? People! A Sad Poem!

Who are They? People! A Sad Poem!’ narrates why good people are important in our lives and what we should do within our capacity to ensure that the relationship is everlasting.


We come across many people during the normal tasks of our day, and thus memories are formed. Some treat us in a good manner, some treat us badly, and most often ignore us. Based on our interactions, such associated memories find their places on the extremes of human behavior, i.e. good interactions and bad interactions, subject to, of course, certain evident as well as random biases.


The whole point of making a note of it is to take on us not to badly treat anyone during our daily work. We like good interactions and so does the other party. There can be disagreements but a fine line should be made here.


The genre of this whole post is kept as sad poem because of obvious reasons, that is, we normally ignore the abovementioned facts. We only want good for ourselves, because we have become quite mean these days, but this should change.


Let’s read the below sad poem and bring on the required fix. Let’s respect others and their emotions because they are our emotions too.

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Who are They Who Live in My Heart!


Who are they, without whom, there is hardly a respite?

Who are they, who made a home in my heart?

There are tendencies that can’t be defined,

There are wishes that can’t be fulfilled,

I have walked across those streets, during the silent nights,

I once knew them, but can’t find anymore where they are now.

How this could be possible, when they still walk on these roads,

Visit the same old book house, and rush to a coffee on the open patio!

Where are they? Are they lost? I am not quite sure, where they went,

But they still thrive in my restless heart!

If only they could hear me,

Let me shout, I still write verses in their memories,

I still feel their presence in the fragrance of my garden flowers, and

I still see their reflections in the small puddles during rain

In my little garden.

Let them know, the butterflies look little wonders

When I am reminded of them; the nectar that goes in

Is the essence of my best regards; and by the time they are done,

They fly away, but not without leaving me craving for more.

Did I not mention that the greenery of my garden has

A certain harmony beneath, which earlier I couldn’t recognize,

But these are certain times, there is certainly around,

The harmony is them, a quiet lingering reminiscence:

They have become me and I have become them,

And happily, a balance has been struck;

Their feelings are mine

And my feelings are theirs to smile on…on…on,

Hope this lasts my last breath!

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