happy fathers day to all the dads out there

Happy Fathers Day to All the Dads Out There! A Note to Son from Father!

I am a father and I wish Happy Fathers Day to All the Dads Out There! This is a celebration of your unconditional fatherly love, continued tremendous support, and all sacrifices!

Indeed, Father’s Day honors fatherhood and strong, persistent paternal bonds, as well as how fathers have an undeniable influence on society. Such a strong character and some things should never be kept a secret.

So, if you love your father and appreciate all his hard work, then time is quite right to let go of your feelings. Just say it loud: I love you dad!

Therefore, without saying much, here is a refreshingly unique, freshly written lovely poem for fathers.

Just to reiterate, the poem given below is a tribute, so say aloud: a very Happy Fathers Day to All the Dads Out There in this world.

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My Great Dad, My Lovely Best!

happy fathers day to all the dads out there poem

(Good children are those who recognize the efforts of their parents. The poem given below is a tribute to all dads who do endless good things and put in endless good efforts for the betterment of their children. In return, they get this sweet poem that couriers love and thankfulness! Get a gift for your father!)

You are my sweet dream,

You are my sweet sun;

My life is nothing without you,

Everything, all, with you!

My father, O lovely dad,

Kissed daughter, so lad,

There aren’t words to express

My gratitude and that I’m glad!

You be my toys so many times,

You be a song of many rhymes;

My school, you have been the best,

My finances, you never took rest.

That I have a whole heart

Might be too wrong to say,

A part will be always with you

For all things that made my day.

The cake I celebrate of my happy birthday,

The cake should rather be for Father’s Day.

This world is bigger and nicer with you,

My life is larger and lovelier with you!

My father, my inspiration,

My father, my destination,

My father, my red heart,

My father, my lovely part,

My father, my glory,

My father, I’m sorry

If had given you pain,

You everything and godly rain!

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The above Father’s Day poem is for all lovely dads. This poem is also for me, as I have a kid too. I want him to grow with a big heart and deep intellect, nature lover, peace lover, and with all good qualities I can think of but don’t pen.

I know, growing big, he will be a separate entity and I will be old by that time, but these words are nothing but my heart, that no matter what happens, my love will only grow in exponential proportions.

I also want him to understand that he should take out some time to read this poem and shed a simple tear for me, of love, when I am no more.

My son, I love you so very much. My heart for you!

Be a good man! Say some day, happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there too!