A Sad Poem Galore and My Heart Asks for Even More

A Sad Poem Galore and My Heart Asks for Even More

A Sad Poem Galore and Heart Asks for Even More is an interesting heart-touching read, especially if you had loved someone and in return got betrayals.

Below is a sad love poem for those who have been deceived in love and are going through hell. With the girl gone with the wind, there is no respite as there is no end to the despair. To add to it further, the girl now has a new one and she taunts with freaky smiles. But you can’t do anything except bearing it to further the agony.


A Betrayal Girl: A Sad Poem to Unfurl

A betrayal girl she was,

Who left no stone to unturned to see me baffled,

A betrayed man I was,

Who left no stone unturned to make amends!

There are echoes of pain that won’t go,

No matter what that the moon is,

There are feelings grave that won’t go

No matter where in the sky the moon is.

A full happy man turned to a hollow man,

There must be many more in this world,

But alas, I will stay a hollow man

For that can’t comfort me beyond a trivial reason!


Sad Poem and Sad Love Poetry to Get a Kick

Many have fallen in love and many just lost their ways, candles were burnt but were lost to silent gushes of wind, and many hearts blossomed and then perished with no trace. The agony of lost love just goes on and on until the last breath. The heat of agony is even more when there are betrayals in love.

Well, I used to think and wonder about how a person can lose his sanity in love. And then I fell in love with a girl and oh man, I got the answer in a pathetic state. So, I can really feel for those who have been abandoned by the fairer sex. The irony of fair being that it is not really fair, not at any stage!


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My Parents Saved Me from Suicidal Pain

She was cruel to me, while I always meant love,

And she took away the second most precious thing from me:

It was peace, peace, and peace.


With no peace in my life, I cried,

Bitterly within myself, all alone during dark nights and days,

The time seemed eternity and suicidal thoughts did come plenty,

O Jesus, I thank my mom and dad, for they saved me.


My father took me to a corner on a fine day:

‘We can feel your pain,’ he said, ‘but the life is quite large,

And you must bear the pain alone. Find a time to let

Those tears come out when no one sees you!’

I looked at him and hugged him hard.

‘Father’ I cried and cried and his shoulder now wet

Gave me strength.

So to this day I live,

But the pain won’t go away:

I loved her so much

And she just misled me, Why?