Why Smiling is Good and the Scope of Short Happy Poems

Why Smiling is Good and the Scope of Short Happy Poems

They say in the army the pay is mighty fine, read short happy poems, and win a smile!

Yes indeed, joining the army and going to a battlefield need a lot of courage. Similarly, smiling is also an act of courage, though in a different context, which has become even more meaningful in today’s world. Furthermore, a winning smile is a good act too!

There are many ways we can strive to smile and reading short happy poems is indeed one of them. With just a few interesting and happy lines, the mood gets totally refreshed and tense moments dissolve to give way to light-on-mind thoughts, which in turn may result in a winning smile.

He smiled, and his teeth shone

When he ate a melting cone!

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Benefits of Smiling and Why Short Happy Poems are Great

Ask any expert about smiles. There is a general consensus that smiling is great for health, spanning a range of highly beneficial effects.

The first and foremost benefit is that a smiling face is mostly better than a frowning face.

Consider the following two cases:

Case 1: ‘Take me to top,’ a businessman asked the liftman coldly.

Case 2: ‘Take me to top,’ a businessman asked the liftman softly with a smile.

Now imagine you are the liftman (operator). Which scenarios would you prefer?

Obviously, Case 2 wins big!

In other words, there is a direct inference that can be drawn, which is ‘a smile is infectious.’ The poor liftman (operator) does not deserve to be treated with a frown; however, a couple of smiling requests can make his day. Similarly, a couple of bad unnecessary frowning faces will ruin his so far good day!

With just a simple literary experiment, we can draw conclusive evidence that a winning smile is a wonderful medium to project your inner beauty onto others. A smile also brings happy moments to the one who smiles. It lessens tension and does much to ameliorate the whole environment around us.

Now, coming on to short happy poems, reading them is a good way to generate inner good vibes and helps to cast them onto others. Being short also helps, which means in a minute or so, you are a totally different personality, ready to embrace happiness and spread your love and affections in a nice and easy manner.

When he was angry,

He used to read short happy poems!

Below, we have provided a couple of short happy poems to make your day:

Happiness – Examples of Short Happy Poems

Happiness – Examples of Short Happy Poems

Crystal clear happiness,

A rub of the rusty surface;

Fair is the call

When happiness stands tall,

Shining fragments drop by

And are scattered to far places by

Just a smile.

Life’s a smile!

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Cheers to Smiles’ Wealth – Examples of Short Happy Poems

Good beauty to be found,

An honest share of happy moments round

Life; to love or health,

Say cheers to smiles’ wealth.

There are many shells

To be collected when summer falls;

Why must my heart beat?

Find many lost smiles, so neat!

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LifeXcites’ Verdict on Smiles and Happiness

Always smile! Always smile! Happiness is not too far away!

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