A Happy Poem on Son and Dad is a Great Read 1

A Happy Poem on Son and Dad is a Great Read – Part 1

A happy poem on son and dad is a great read for sure. The words are simple and so is the goal, to influence kids and make them appreciate relations and its importance in our daily lives.

‘Fazal my darling boy, come play with your toy.’ Mazhar called his son with a toy in his hand and his little kid came running toward him, happily with sparkling eyes.

Son and Dad Relational Bliss to be Found in a Happy Poem

Every kid is unique and thus, it won’t be wrong to say that every son and dad relation also enjoys a happy uniqueness. Both have their own ways and it is important for dads to understand the emotional requirements of their kids. A happy poem goes a long way to cherishing this outstanding relation. Fathers can learn the poem easily and sing/recite them in front of their kids and see the wonderful effect themselves.

Below we have provided four thoughtfully written simple poems for the amazing kids of the whole world. Time to say cheers to happy short poems!

(1) My Son is a Lovely Son: An Evergreen Happy Poem

My Son is a Lovely Son An Evergreen Happy Poem

My son is a lovely son,

He likes to play in the sun,

I am his happy dad,

I’m proud of my lad!

(2) Eating Bun, Disliking Bad: A Thoughtful Happy Poem

Son and dad

Son and dad,

Eating bun

Disliking bad!

(3) Lovely Hare is Fond of Green Parrots: Animal-friendly Happy Poem

Son and dad share,

We have a lovely hare

Who likes to eat carrots

Is fond of green parrots!

(4) All My Sheep a Woollen Heap: Short Happy Poem to Sing

My black sheep,

My white sheep,

My brown sheep,

All a woollen heap!

At LifeXcites, our goal is simple, that is to provide consistent happy poem goals to all dads of this world! Read with love and share the good words of each happy poem with love!

A happy poem to read,

And happiness to keep!