As Humans Bleed, Birds Also Bleed A Surprising Sad Poem(1)

As Humans Bleed, Birds Also Bleed: A Surprising Sad Poem

‘As Humans Bleed, Birds Also Bleed: A Surprising Sad Poem’ is a touching story to fall in love with, especially for those in deep love with a sad poem!


This sad poem is markedly different from the rest in the sense that it inherits strange melancholy and portrays characters in their pure forms, here a Sparrow, Sparrow Babies, Eagle 1, and Eagle 2.


The sparrow portrays a pure soul, babies are born pure of heart, and eagles are pure in love when they attack their prey!

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A Brief Note

Have you ever wondered that all jolly things suddenly turn into pure long-lasting sadness?


Well, if you have, then did you ever wonder that birds also go through such cycles? However, it goes unnoticed. 


The following sad poem is a gentle reminder that all creations of God go through unlucky as well as painful phases.


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A Sad Poem on Sparrow and Eagle

A Sad Poem on Sparrow and Eagle

Once a sparrow lived

With two baby sparrows in a nest,

One day, an eagle came to eat,

Sparrow not in the nest!


When sparrow came, no babies to feed:

God, I don’t want the need

To live any longer;

The sadness is all over

Me and my heart profusely bleeds.

Another eagle pounced at the sparrow for her needs!


So, what are your thoughts about the short story of a sparrow? Is it not pure pain and sadness? Is it not the ultimate state of being deprived? Finally, is it not a universal truth?

A Sad Poem to Write

Humans write a sad poem;

Birds write a sad poem;

We have pain to show,

They don’t have a voice to show!

Hope you liked the story and we will be back with another sad poem portraying something amazing!