An Extraordinary Sad Poem Dedicated to the Earth – Part 1

An Extraordinary Sad Poem Dedicated to the Earth – Part 1

Read the Sad Poem with Compassion, Sorry Mother Earth.

To say sorry means there is lurking some sadness. To say Sorry Mother Earth essentially points toward consciousness.

Sorry Mother Earth: A Short Sad Poem

Sorry Mother Earth A Short Sad Poem

Read the sad poem with compassion,

Save the Earth from the frustration

As finding appropriate breaths is hard

When the pollution is on card!

Kindle the lost love toward green,

Tell all, especially those in teen,

For they are the torch bearers

To come next and not live with tears!

Mother Earth, sorry,

We are so sorry:

We played with you in all bad sense;

For the life to go on, it makes sense

To keep you green –

Tell all those lost in sheen!

Sad Poem on Admission of Guilt of Harm Done to Mother Earth

The above sad poem is an admission of guilt about the crime we do every day toward Mother Earth! We indiscriminately cut trees for our goods, we let untreated sewage run into rivers, we overexploit resources for our greed, we shamelessly waste precious water, we ruin beaches, we throw waste in seas, and so on.

We do further damage by not seriously acknowledging the bad and by not taking appropriate measures to mitigate or control waste activities. This has resulted in global temperature rise, melting of glaciers, unfit drinking water and poor-quality air, seasons getting strongly erratic (e.g. extreme heat, rains causing floods, etc.), and so on.

Another serious threat to Mother Earth, which is often not acknowledged on a deserving scale, is rising conflicts between countries.

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Thus, for the Earth to survive, we have to be careful and, also, we have to ensure that the next generation is adequately sensitized. Furthermore, we should carefully use resources because they are limited.

There is a famous saying that:

There is enough for everyone’s need

But there is not enough for greed!

Sad Poem as a Medium to Save Mother Earth

This post is all about the need to immediately get serious about protecting Mother Earth, and what better medium can be found for that than a sad poem.

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Given below is a sad poem named When I Lived in a City. Although readers won’t find it as a usual sad poem, there is indeed hidden sadness when seen in the context of the above discussion.

So, just hurry up, and read yourself this sad poem with a strong narration.

When I Lived in a City – An Astonishing Sad Poem to Behold!

When I lived in a city, I rode a big bike,

And often took my red car to a long drive,

Just me taking the driving seat,

Just me enjoying the driving seat,

With a pop song increasing my heart beats

And on the back seat odes by great Keats!

When I lived in a city,

I would happily get dressed after an hour-long shower,

Sweetened with the rose water and a handful of petals of rose,

Then I would brush my teeth!

When I lived in a city,

I would go to my office on bike, just a mile away,

Ignoring my dusty cycle, just like that,

Just like that!

When I lived in a city,

I would spend by riches in costly bars and hotels,

And give a blind beggar on way just a cent,

And really feeling glad!

When I lived in a city,

I loved to smoke with friends and alone on the cosy bed,

Glad that there was an air conditioner and air purifier

Which would protect my health!

When I lived in a city,

I would daily visit big malls, spend money, and bring all sorts of things;

I used them, waste some in haste,

Thanking God that it was my taste!

When I lived in a city,

I wanted everyone to know me, seeking stardom,

Posting happy photos of beaches

With cans and packings left behind!

When I lived in a city,

I wore the charm of a handsome man,

Willing to do anything to get noticed,

Willing to aimlessly throw stones on roads!

Watch out for the second part of this sad poem.