An Exclusive Sad Poem Is It Really Progress – Part 1

An Exclusive Sad Poem: Is It Really Progress? – Part 1

A sad poem for all, the trap of sadness to quietly fall:

What choice we have than to recite a sad poem when life is dull and artificial!

A Note to Take before Reading the Sad Poem

Many children have a complex thought process, but few grow so much aware of their surroundings that when they miss something, their feelings become highly amplified.

So the Story Goes Like This…

A child in a small room without any brothers or sisters and friends is suddenly trapped in sadness. He looks at the painted walls of his small room and then at the small window with the view of the multistory building standing right in front. He grows anxious and immediately high emotions tear him apart, just like a sad poem, with no one to notice it!


The sad poem narrates a unique feeling of being deprived when alone in a small room.


Alone he sat in his room,

A big book but a sad poem!


Readers must note that to get hold of the sadness underlying this sad poem, it has to be read in full.

Is It Really Progress? An Expansive Sad Poem

Is It Really Progress An Expansive Sad Poem

I sat in a pensive mood,

Looking at walls in blue,

Stickers of roses and bees found

Life yet lifeless they seemed

The most. Oh God!

A small room to sit,

Is it really progress?


It is really progress

To be devoid of good space!

Is it really progress

That the happiness be

Found in small cakes, few candles,

Few voices, few choices,

And few narrow, short-lived smiles!


My room is a small room,

A small cozy bed and a small window

To just look out and, while the moon

Shines and smiles for the world, for

Everyone but me!

I just see few blocks,

Few buildings, and, especially

A tall building painted in yellow,

Which obscures my view.


I always wanted to see

A full moon, but alas, that’s a

Rare glimpse. And I know

I will keep on missing so

Much, and yes, I know,

Time will go on till I finish

My study and move

To some bigger city!

But will that bring me my moon?

I know, that would still

Remain a dream!

You can’t get best of both

Worlds. The moon would

Still remain elusive.

Yes, you heard it right,

An elusive opportunity!

Is it really progress?

The sad poem will continue and so do check out Part 2.

However, we leave you a question, is it really progress? 


Beginners and intermediate readers can totally enjoy the message, but for a full understanding read the sad poem line by line and for sure multiple times to understand various angles and how they ramify.