A Sad Poem and A Sad and Delusional Heart

A Sad Poem and A Sad Delusional Heart

Where do I go from here with a sad heart and a delusional heart, there are things to be taken care of which were indeed taken care of in the past! The ghost of a sad poem will never rest, until, of course, it gets on my nerves. Poor heart and poor mind, both contemplate on the heaviness of the current future past.


Make a Note: Life’s Struggle, Sooner or Later

Where should I go and where would I get some respite? There is enough rain for every hair to get wet but not enough, alas, for my under-skin scars. The love I had faith in is like a gone girl, with no hope of a revival. But strangely I still struggle to set things right within my capacity.


This post “A Sad Poem and A Sad and Delusional Heart” is a narrative of a broken heart and a struggling life, and who doesn’t actually? All of us have suffered like a puppet in the hands of fate. Just when we think we are under control, things for most have the tendency to go left and right and wobble madly.


However, does it mean we should actually stop living and struggling to inch closer to our goals? The answer is simple and straightforward…No…Never!

Now is the right time to read a sad poem:


A Sad Poem and A Sad Delusional Heart

A Sad Poem and A Sad Delusional Heart

Last night, I had a dream, but when I woke up,

There were just no traces, strangely!

However, things were so real

At the price of a headache, sweating body, and pain,

Many pains: the past, the present, and the future!


I immediately started thinking where do I fit in:

The Past! The Present! The Future!

Or somewhere in between, but all in vain,

For everything felt so alive and vivid!


Life-like was the dream, and lo my heart grew delusional,

In a pensive mood, it left me craving and thinking hard,

As though my peace had been lost, never to be found again.

Like a sad poem, so I craved but in vain,

I was sitting in a train and then lost in some wilderness,

A moment later falling from the sky, a little later,

Dead on the ground, but then I realized,

It was just a dream and looked at the sunshine

Making way in my room through my little window!

We hope you liked this short sad poem on a bad dream and we also hope you all will follow the sunshine:


Sunshine: A Hope against Hope

The Sun shines,

And shine must I follow,

Life is big,

Not just a hollow fellow;

The words of a sage:

Rise and shine,

Bad dreams will come

But never whine.

There are good things to do

In this very life,

And this life is not short,

There is so much to do

Than just giving

Away to sadness and gloom.

The Sun shines,

Rise and make some room.

There is happiness to be shared

And there are people to be cared!


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