Children are Like Resourceful and Influential Happy Poems

Children are Like Resourceful and Influential Happy Poems

I tried to guess what children are and found, interestingly, that they are like resourceful and influential happy poems. They are lovely and agile and their little meaningful movements are adorable.

So, it is our duty to ensure that they continue to receive undivided attention, in order to be able to grow into well-balanced adults with good education and morals and high integrity.


Now it is time to enjoy happy poems that are suitable for kids of all ages.


The central character of all the poems given below is Little Andrew. He is agile and likes to have fun all the time.


(1) There is a Bun on Andrew’s Plate – Happy Poems

(Will you enjoy a bun while playing with your toy gun!)

There is a Bun on Andrew’s Plate – Happy Poems(1)

The moon, the sun,

And the toy gun,

Oh God, Oh God,

There is a bun

On Andrew’s plate to enjoy!


(2) Little Andrew Pricked his Little Finger – Happy Poems

(Little Andrew won’t listen to his mother and pays a price. Find out!)


Little Andrew

Could sew

His little torn socks,

Little Andrew

Could also sew

His colorful bags.

But the mother won’t

Like it and say don’t…

Please don’t touch

Or be in pain so much!


Little Andrew

Won’t listen to his mother;

Little Andrew

Continued to sew a feather,

But then, pricked his little finger,

And also chewed a little ginger!


Oh Ma, Oh Ma,

He cried, Oh Ma,

His tongue out,

Blood coming out

Of his little finger,

And Ma threw away the ginger!


(3) Little Andrew and Sugar – Happy Poems

(Kids like sugar and bubblegum and mothers are often concerned as well as not happy! Little Andrew is not an exception!)


Little Andrew, little Andrew,

He wants to eat sugar and chew

A bubblegum.


His mother is not too happy with him,

She takes away the sugar and bubblegum,

Saying there will be bad gums.


(4) Andrew Met Nancy – Happy Poems

(Little Andrew meets his little neighborhood friend Nancy, who is small and agile too. Find out how they play together and enjoy each other’s company. Reminds me of my childhood days? What about you?)


Andrew met Nancy

Who wore a dress fancy,

All lace, it was golden dress,

Andrew happy to see the dress!


Andrew met Nancy,

They shared few words fancy,

They laughed together

And all fine was weather.


Andrew met Nancy

Together they planted a tree,

And felt happy about it,

Just like a bird, carefree!


Andrew met Nancy

To see her new doll,

It was a barbie doll,

Fair and smiling doll!


(5) Andrew, Andrew, Little Andrew – Happy Poems


Andrew, Andrew, Little Andrew,

How do you do?

I am fine, I am fine,

How do you do?


Andrew, Andrew, Little Andrew,

Do you need some food?

Yes I do, yes I do,

Give me some food.


We hope you liked the post. Please spread the good words, because that is the only prize we seek.