That’s Deliciously Amorously Sad: A Sad Poem Read

That’s Deliciously Amorously Sad: A Sad Poem Read” is about a girl who had just lost her job after giving it all for so many years. She was shocked and had to take the hard pill, after all, it is life, full of ups and downs.


Part 1: Arlene Called by Her Boss: Happiness to Sadness

Poor Arlene is called in by her boss. She was quite optimistic, but that perception changed in no time upon entering the boss’s cabin.

Find out how it went below.


Arlene Just Lost Her Job to the Market Competition: A Sad Poem


A merry woman she was,

All smiles and good fashion.

One day, called to her boss’s cabin out of blue:

“Arlene, how are you?”

“I am fine sir. How about you?”

“You know…um…I don’t know how to put it across

Fair and nice…but…”

She noticed something unusual about the conversation but

Kept it to herself, aware and worried.

She hurried,

“But what…sir?”

“…um I don’t know,

But you know,

It needs to be said,

We have added pressure retaining margins,” the boss spoke,

“We have just lost two of our clients, thanks to the competition,

And we are looking now for very little to no work at all…”

Arlene was all pale and blue,

Understood sir, when should I be packing my bag, she asked

In a low tone.

“I won’t say it, you have been a star worker, and I so wish I could help, but there seems no hope for now,

At least on the short term,

But…yeah…as soon as you can…

And best of luck for your future.”

“Thank you, sir. Appreciate that, I would do it right away,

There is no point in delaying something known to be inevitable.

I will clean my desk right away.”

Saying so, she left the cabin. On her return to her workstation

She felt sad but brave,

And a little sick too, her movements less brisk and less energetic.

“I should have taken all the time granted to me, at least for a week.”

She contemplated, but there was not returning back and she knew

It all well:

Pussy cat in the well,

All wet and not well!


Part 2: Arlene on Her Way to Residence: Sad and Battered


Arlene took a bus to reach her residence. She felt unhappy, and low on energy too. Find out how she fared and what she saw.


A New Revelation for Arlene: A Newly Found Hope

Arlene, a woman who took pride in her art and fashion,

Seemed just lost and battered.

“Holy God, what it must mean for me

When settled so well and so far?”

She questioned the fate and sat on the window seat,

Her head resting on the glass pane,

Her vision passing by as the bus moved towards her residence.

She saw fathers, mothers, children, and even beggars

On streets, and she faced difficulty in assessing what

Each must be going through, everyone must not be happy,

Even the children, all had their causes,

Their unique set of difficulties in front of them,

Choosing, losing, finding, dilemma, and so on,

And this gave her courage to sit up straight,

Clenched fist, and a newly found motivation to do good.

“Thank you, my lord! This must be a new vision thou kept in store.”

She thanked God and smiled and smiled,

And people around her stared at her for good.

But she knew not to feel odd!


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