A Funny Sad Poem Tale; to Live with a Tail or no Tail!

A Funny Sad Poem Tale; to Live with a Tail or no Tail!

A Funny Sad Poem Tale; to Live with a Tail or no Tail is a thought-invoking sad poem that will enthrall you for days to come.

However, many of you would be thinking, how could a sad poem be funny?

The answer is: we are living in a world of possibilities.

We at LifeXcites have taken a pledge to revolutionize poetry and its sphere of influence. We have good readers who read till the last word, and we take pride in that. That is our prize. We would also just request, if you like our content then please share the good words. They are priceless for us.

Now, time to enjoy the sad poem tale!

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A Sad Poem Tale!

A Sad Poem Tale!

(The sad poem explores the hefty aspects of life in a funny manner. Actually, the sad poem is a combination of many small provoking thoughts! Read on!)

A sad poem tale,

I saw a whale,

Splashing waves with her tail:

A sight that would never fail

To excite,

To invite

More stories that fail

To find a paper. Indeed, a tale!

A sad poem tale,

A coffin and a nail,

Where the life failed,

The death grabbed

Her share.

Claim here,

You must face death row,

The risk worth to take to row;

A sad poem tale,

All lives fail!

A sad poem tale,

A mouse with no tail;

He had five tails

But unhappy friends;

He had a cut,


friends still complained,

His image in mirror complained,

So had two more cuts,

Like two huts

In the forest so dense;

However, the rat still looked tense.

So, he cut them all,

Now all friends must fall;

They make jokes,

A rat with no tail. Mocks

Are so undesirable,

The personality deniable,

What must you do for the world,

There are no words in this word;

Now live your sad tale,

Just live with no tail!

A sad poem tale,

The rain with hail,

The holes in window screens,

Holes in shattered dreams,

Hoes in the ground,

Holes in the leaves, the sound

Thus changed its style.

All this happened while

You slept happily on a soft mattress,

The control of life given to a mistress;

She holds the key to the locks on your hand,

Remember, she is a mistress, not your friend,

You must kneel in front of her,

You must ask for her

Forgiveness, and yet, she controls your life,

A good husband you are, but lost control on your life.

She would decide in place of you.

You are you, but who are you?

A fragile piece of flesh with hands locked behind,

Now you can’t do anything, just wait to find

What she does to you,

To allow you speak, or gag you,

But whatever it is, you must bend;

She is here to offend

You in worst possible ways;

There is not a chance to regain controls:

You gave her the command,

Now you must obey her every command!

A time on the side of a bank,

A time on the other side of the bank;

Now, there is no boat to row down,

Won’t do good, even your endless frown!

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