I Tried But the Pain Won't Go Away: A Philosophical Sad Poem

I Tried But the Pain Won’t Go Away: A Philosophical Sad Poem

I Tried But the Pain Won’t Go Away is a sad poem with plenty of food for those who have lost their loved ones to death. Life as beautiful as can be will never dare to stand against the will of fate, a sure death.


Death and Life Contest: Sad Poem

Death is all too powerful even though life is also a force to reckon with. Life as we know is full of struggle and it always remains weary of the death that chooses to stay in shadows until the right time. And that right time for death may or may not be the right time for life to say goodbye.

Still trying to figure out what it means. Well, in that case, in other words, for the time of death to be right, life has to be at peace and vice versa.

Life would say, ‘Ok, I am done doing what I meant to and now there is no major goal to establish. So death you may come and claim me at any time. I am not afraid, not anymore.’

In such a case, life wins as does death. However, this is not the case for everyone. Humans have a tendency to make connections with everything they touch, smell, or see as well as imagine, perceive, or think of.

The connection so made is, however, at the expense of inner equilibrium. Our body, here I mean body energy source, has a certain threshold and the energy we spend or harness cannot tend to infinity. In simpler terms, resources are limited, and also interestingly, even if they are unlimited, then it is limited by time on the clock.

Confused again, then hear this out. Have you ever heard of the movie Maalamaal? If yes then great, if not then you can watch it. The main character of the movie has to spend 300 million rupees in 30 days for inheriting a property worth 3.3 billion rupees. Now, the movie was made in 1988, when the value of money was quite high.

The example given above highlights the struggle when the resources become unlimited. Now, I am quite sure that you have got my point and can now easily correlate.


Now it is time to enjoy the sad poem dealing with sadness of losses.


I Tried But the Pain Won’t Go Away

I Tried, but the pain won’t go away,

There are many paths, not sure which way

To go or which ones not to choose

Or else there would be so much to lose.


Like a fairy tale was my love, not any more, not any more,

I so wish it to last more time, but the thought no longer

Holds true.

Sad moments to accrue,

Sad life to live through and through,

The blade of agony to shine and shine,

Life forged in heat of sadness and whine

Must I now for the rest of my life,

A lost love, a lost cause, led to a lost life!


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(Note: This is a philosophical sad poetry post and the content may need to be read more than once to capture the hidden gems and gain deeper understanding!)