A Sad Poem to Dream Of

I dream of a sad poem every day. The reason being the life has been topsy-turvy and a roller coaster ride post the COVID 19. Health turned sour; the taste of hobbies devoured; and little happiness is hard to find. Such has been life and there is a remarkable sadness lurking beneath. 

Long working hours, long meetings, and little to no time for self, kids and other family members, and friends have hampered normal living. The eyes are dry and breaths are heavy; poor health, no exercise, and so many other factors have further added to the misery.

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The happy moments I used to cherish and certainly, that is not the case to follow; the life was good and now seems hollow. Where to find cure or respite for some time, where to find some thoughts, and where to find a somber expression than in a sad poem.

Now time to enjoy a short theatrical dialog between Sad Poem and Me.

Me: O Sad Muse, thou a far sight. Behold! Where thou must be found, I a pale man.

Sad Poem: Come thou beneath my purple wings, there are bad winds and still good winds to sail and seek adventure. Where must thou seek me than thy remarkable heart. Here to soothe thy aching nerves. Shalt not be a call unknown!

Me: Indeed, noteworthy and remarkable. A call I thought in vain got a subtle back.

Sad Poem: To stay my plan, may get awry road, but where the mortal ends meet. The world might look transparent, me yellow in a confined space. Bear my pain and be humble, request thou!

Me: O Sad Muse, many benevolent kisses, my prime thy better prime and thy remorse by better half! Caress thy sun-kissed verse, in confined a Universe.

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Now enjoy a lavish sad poetry dream.

A Sad Poem to Dream Of


I am a good man to honor a sad poem;

Last night, I had a strange dream:

In my dream, I talked with a sad poem,

Huh, must be a glossy dream within a dream!

The feeling in my heart I bore,

Your hand touched my open sore,

Must be so much to hold,

The pain in the world is bold!

The sufferings would claim health and life,

All my life I struggled and part of a strife,

Where must wounds be caressed,

Where must sounds be heard!

You a lofty mean,

You make me keen

Always, almost without a fail,

Many thoughts, but not in jail!

Failures of my life to count,

The pile of losses to mount,

Where shall I seek refuge

Than your aura so huge!

I lost many battles,

In me sadness settles;

Cover a ground, and leave that much,

But your taste means to me so much!

O sad poem, answer my call,

O sad poem, arrest my fall;

There are great aspirations,

But with humility and salutations!

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We hope you liked this sad poem post and the small dialog set in the form of drama in the initial part.

Just to tell you, dramas are getting fewer day by day. And this post was all about filling that gap and bringing you a blend you never thought was possible.

This is what LifeXcites stands for, this is what we strive for, you are best and you deserve best.

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