The Curse of a Black Bird A Sad Poem

The Curse of a Black Bird: A Sad Poem

The Curse of a Black Bird: A Sad Poem has defining moments of anger as well as sadness.


Do you believe in bad things? Do you believe in ill omens?

Has there been any significant incident in your life that compelled you to think about dark forces like curses and ghosts?


Still wondering, then read on the following haunted sad poem

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The Curse of a Black Bird: A Sad Poem

The Curse of a Black Bird Sad Poem

The curse of a black bird,

Found dead in a sheep herd, 

Where thou must weep

On a barren land; keep

Thy self together,

Thou must gather

All will or be left behind;

The nature won’t be kind,

No illness accepted,

No weakness accepted,

Thou must fall down

To lift the black bird;

Thou be cursed

By the black bird,

A cursed black bird!

Thou won’t be saved,

The moments defined,

For thou lifted a cursed bird,

Thy soul can’t be now saved!


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Why a Sad Poem to Read?

Sad poetry or, say, sad poem has its own charm. It illustrates something depressing and sad but the whole point remains the same, someone must have gone through it.


We are living in a big world and there would be people with similar sets of sufferings and inner pain. Thus, what you are experiencing at the moment, the chances are many like you are going through similar patches.


People in pain feel alone, but on reading a sad poem they will surely realize that they are not alone in their journey.

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The Story of a Promising Girl in Teen Who Lost Her Smiles

Sad Poem Part 1

(The Lovely Girl: The story starts with a girl who is just 12-year-old, all tender and green! She loves rainbows and painting is her favorite activity.)


There was a girl in teen,

Hardly 12-year-old,

All soft and tender she was,

Her imagination wild and gold,

A rabbit once she saw,

A rabbit she thus drew

For many days to come,

Always excited, feeling invited

By anyone who smiled.

She loved painting easy to understand.

A rainbow she saw once from

Her little room’s window,

Many flowers she colored,

One flower with violet,

Another with indigo,

Leaves with green,

And one with blue shades.

She also drew a sunflower

Gazing at the sun,

And looking at the vast sky

And it wanted to say something!

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Sad Poem Part 2

(A Sweet Song: Part 2 is a scene where the girl is merrily singing to goats and sheep, and fondling them with both hands. She kept on singing until the voice of her father interrupted her. So, she ran toward the opened door where her father was standing.)

One day, she sang in the shed

With goats and sheep,

The sounds of Ma…Ba…Ma…Ba…

Enriched her song even more,

So, she sang more and more,

Until the shouting father’s voice

Claimed her song.

‘Be cozy here,’ she said,

Fondling a baby sheep,

And ran down toward her home.

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Sad Poem Part 3

(The Horse Shelter: Father told the girl to run down to the horse shelter to arrange for the water. Afterall, it was a hot day for both animals and humans. She was excited and while she ran toward the shelter, she could smell her mother preparing chocolate cookies, her favorite!)


She stood in front of her rustic father.

‘Go to the shelter of horses

And run the tap, it is a hot day to survive.’

‘I don’t want to go there, dad.

I am happy with goats and sheep…

Please send mother there.’

‘Can’t baby, she is preparing our lunch.

And you know, your favorite chocolate cookies.’

‘Wow,’ she cried, too excited

And ran down toward the horse shelter,

Her father watching her back.

Sad Poem Part 4

(The Big Fall: The girl turns around and immediately falls down.)


The girl thought of hot cookies

And her happy stomach twitched.

She bent down to turn on the tap,

From where the water would

Run down to the shelter.

Her father still stood at the gate,

Wiping his sweat with his left hand.


The tap was on

And then she turned around

Waving at her father,

And then she fell down.

Her father who was waving his hands too

Quickly ran down to check on her.

She had turned blue.

He called his wife, but in vain,

She must not have heard him.

‘She needs treatment,’ he cried

And lifted her body in his hands

And ran toward the house.

‘Don’t worry my child, I am here.’


Her hands lost their vigor.

He put her down just outside the door.

She wasn’t breathing at all.

A sweet promising girl lost her life after the fall.

Her dad was crying and

Mother came running down,

A chocolate cookie in her hand!


The mother saw her lying dead,

And the cookies had a great fall:

I fell down, kissed the ground,

And broke into many pieces!


We sincerely hope you liked this sad poem story. We will be back soon with another interesting story. So, keep watch! 

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The Death: A Short Sad Poem

The death will claim your life

If you scold;

All happiness will vanish from life

If you scold.

These are not good times,

See the fall of happy stories

In no time,

In no time!

The death won’t stop until you are dead,

In the pool of blood or on green grass, dead!