Believe in the Magic of Quotes and Poems – II

Believe in the Magic of Quotes and Poems – II

‘Do you believe in the magic of quotes and poems?’ Ron asked Shyam.

‘I must be candid about it, and I do, my friend.’ Shyam replied immediately with a wide smile, ‘They are just awesome sources to find motivation and good vibes.’


Quotes and poems have been a powerful source for the mental well-being, and as has been emphasized so many times, one can on the spot find good vibes and motivation, even though momentarily.


People love quotes, including love quotes, rons gone wrong quotes, freaky quotes, petty quotes, boy mom quotes, everything everywhere all at once quotes, etc. Being popular, these quotes are readily available on the internet, but here creeps in indeed some repetition as people tend to take quotes from famous personalities. To bridge that gap, LifeXcites has taken a new initiative to bring originality to this front by providing a rare amalgamation of poems and quotes for all ages.


Below we have provided short poems and sneaky quotes that will enthrall you, to say the least.


Couple of Short Poems for Kids

Below are two happy short poems for kids to read and jump!


My Good Cat Jill

(This short poem is suitable for kids, and the best part is that you won’t be able to resist the temptation of reading it out loud to your littles sons and daughters.)

My good cat Jill,

Ran hard to kill,

The mouse ran away,

Ruining Jill’s day!


My good cat Jill

Now drinks her milk,

Sitting happily

On the silk!


London Bridge

(You must have heard a short poem on the iconic London Bridge. Well, just check out this version, all new and elegant. This short happy poem is again suitable for kids of all ages.)

London bridge stands so still,

Taking heavy traffic at will,

Dear Johnny just looks out,

Indeed beautiful it pans out!


Quotes for You

Now it is time to find some magical quotes to make your day!

Find below 10 unique quotes for you to read and share.

Rise and shine, a happy dine, a happy wife, and a happy boss. Who cares about the rest?


There is more life in us than we can ever imagine, and the best of all it is always with us, but we are so busy that we seldom find time exclusively for it!


There is a pipe to smoke and a bar to drink, but the night belongs to someone else!


How sweet it would be for all of us that we find our sweet spot and just break all legs!


You are a lovely girl, good for you. But you are a smiling girl, there is nothing like it!


Always keep smiling even though you are totally sore within. Let no one find out!


You are ready to rock and roll, and someone is watching to encash it!


It is a strange world, where we hardly say no to our angry bosses!


There is a fan for everyone, but not a remote. Imagine how hard it is when things are out of control!


The best way to live is with multiple sources of income. Work hard to make them.


We hope you liked the second part of Believe in the Magic of the Quotes and Poems. We will be back with a third installment soon. In the meantime, have a glance at 10 Unique and Best Magical Love is Hard Quotes – I and Children are Like Resourceful and Influential Happy Poems.