5 Best Short Poems in English

Short poems in English are a great way to engage little ones and stretch their imagination to new unbound territories, making them not only curious but also multidimensional.  They are a great source of inspiration and also provide much required morals.


Young ones love short poems as they are easy to comprehend and memorize. The whole idea is to engage kids and allow them to appreciate life fully by being able to connect them to what they visualize.


In tandem with the aforementioned, this collection of 5 short poems in English is sure to tantalize the taste buds of every kid.


Cobbler & Shoe


Cobbler Cobber take my shoe

It has holes, maybe two!

Please take this little coin,

Off I go in sun shine!!

I Want to be Harry Potter!



Harry Potter you have curious eyes;

I saw you running during heavy rains.

I wonder if I could get a glass like you,

A magical wand, an owl, and a potion to

Startle Snape and impress Dumbledore,

And bring evil Voldemort on his four.

Sweet Home!

My home, sweet home;

It becomes sweeter with my mom,

And still more with my little sister

Who happily licks the wall plaster.

My home, lovely home:

Love spreads even more

When all are always smiling,

When none is ever whining.

Icy Ice Cream

kid eating ice cream

I love eating ice cream;

I have a secret dream;

I want to taste all flavors

Near a bed of flowers.

Sweet Little Avy Went up The Hill!

child image

Avy’s (Avyukt) photo by Parents: Rajeev and Archana

Sweet little Avy

Climbed a hill.

Trekking with a will,

Sweet little Avy

Found a precious stone:

Not knowing, threw when it shone!

Sweet little Avy

Found an injured bird

With a big thorn in its wing.

Sweet little Avy

Pulled out the thorn and

Helped the tiny bird to fly with wind!