A Prologue to A Sad Poem: The Taste of Sadness

‘What is sadness and why the relevance of a sad poem is so much?’ is a million-dollar question that just can’t be negated, and the significance of which is worth pondering upon!

The world is full of happy moments as well as sad moments. You just can’t strike them out of the equation of life. Therefore, in other words, we are human beings and our pains and sufferings have common characteristics.


This post is one of its kinds and we are sure our readers would be excited to have the following sad poem scooped and nourished with sugar syrup and then served with gratitude. It will be a bewildering read and by the end of the sad poetry you would be left wanting.

Now enjoy the sadness poetry!

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A Prologue to a Sad Poem: In Light of the Holy Bible!


(Do you know what a prologue is and why it has so much significance? Did your teacher ever mention the word prologue during the literature classes? Find below a script that will nourish and may be harsh for few ears, but the only objective here is to bring out something extraordinary, which will change phases swiftly. The poem also has indirect references to the Holy Bible too, hence the name!)

Behold! Here cometh the sound

To behold and embrace –

A large life and equally small

Or to narrate,

A small life made that large.

Where dost the common taste lost

When there is life and beyond.

The heavens are not for sake,

When the lusty fire crackles in hell.

Wanting life ain’t bad when breaths

Can be measured, thou must be insane

To think otherwise.

Where are wise men and women who

Ponder against their gods, quite alluring

They must have felt and quite powerful too.

But they hath their own mystic ways for a community

To thrive, thou wouldn’t just rest on laurels,

To be noticed, required a realm,

And a strange realm they built, shown as purple wings,

The shadow under which others could build their own wills!

But strangely, how did they survive,

A question too harsh to ignore, but equally swiftly ignored,

Why there is chaos on every inch and harmony beneath?

They just felt nice to snub,

But how to defy the air, the water, the fire, the wind, and the earth:

But their pride served a ghost

And they felt happy about it,

And won’t just not only ignore, but find a sweet sense.

They found merit in only happy terms; the sadness got the ignorance:

There is ignorance indeed in every heart and mind,

And there is ignorance of good kinds,

But to shade some being a crime.

How could God be defied?

How could a sad poem lose relevance?

But they still laughed and rubbed it off,

Only to be hit by strong fate.

A flood came and swiftly cleansed

Earth of its chaos:

A goodness act to restore one family!

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The above sad poem is an ambitious project to write a prologue to a sad poem in the light of the Holy Bible. It serves pure literary art and doesn’t devalue anything or any entity directly and indirectly.

Happy reading and please spread the good words!