A Real Sad Poem on Waste in Haste

A Real Sad Poem on Waste in Haste

A sad poem on waste should not be read in haste!

Again, be careful, warning:

A sad poem on waste should not be read in haste!

Sad Poem, Carbon Impressions, and Waste on the Earth: A Correlation

When we think about daily life and carefully observe every day just our neighborhood, then findings indicate that we produce on average a huge amount of waste in haste! In terms of carbon footprint, this is not good at all and points to high carbon impressions.

Here, just imagine how much waste is produced every day on the whole Earth: incredibly high indeed and shocking as well! Can you also imagine what the portion of the waste would be categorically in the bin ‘Waste in Haste’?

Let’s leave the derivation of it to science and technology! With words, it could be well defined as horribly shockingly extremely high numbers!

No to Waste in Haste: Micro Sad Poem

No to Waste in Haste Micro Sad Poem

Waste in haste,

Waste after taste,

A resource used,

resources wasted!

Please say no

To waste in haste!

As you would have come to know from the above micro sad poem, we are not just talking about food waste in haste. Instead, the general term is resource and it could be anything!

Therefore, let’s take a good oath that we will keep a check on haste and ensure that our actions are only toward limiting the scope of waste in haste!

A sad poem on waste in haste

Is an oath to minimize waste!

Waste in Haste: A Strange but Interesting Sad Poem

We all use resources like water, air, fossil, etc. every day, and alas, we also waste these resources on a daily basis too! So, it is the duty of every human being to try to minimize waste, especially waste in haste. We should also give proper education to our children concerning using these resources judicially.

Now continue enjoying the sad poem on waste in haste, with, of course, an oath in mind to protect the Earth and thereby its valuable resources.

Waste in Haste: A Unique Sad Poem

The life we live, the life we waste,

The food we eat, the food we waste,

The money we use, the money we waste,

The gas we use, the gas we waste,

The water we drink, the water we waste,

No wait, no wait, no wait,

More waste in haste!

The Earth we use, the Earth we waste,

The atoms we use, the atoms we waste,

The Sun we use, the Sun we waste,

The sea we use, the sea we waste,

The oil we use, the oil we waste,

No wait, no wait, no wait,

More waste in haste!

The waste in haste is never good:

An ugly face hidden under a red hood;

The resources are for everyone,

Not to be wasted or put on gun;

The desires we have,

The dreams we have,

But a good man

Will wait, will wait, will wait,

To avoid waste in haste!

Happy reading a sad poem and one more is in progress on love we waste!