Ancient Love Poetry God Zeus and A Guy 2

Ancient Love Poetry: God Zeus and A Guy – II

This post is the second part of the series Ancient Love Poetry: God Zeus and A Guy.

So far, in Part 1 (Ancient Love Poetry: God Zeus and A Guy – I), we saw the wonderful setting of the village.

The village was beautiful and surrounded by greenery. One day, while passing by, God Zeus saw the village and immediately decided to visit the village in disguise.

By nature, Zeus was notorious and often faced the fury of the king of heaven. The very first house he entered happened to be of the nice guy. With his magic, Zeus came to know about the family and so he decided to make some inroads and play some mind games with the nice guy.

Find out what happened next by reading the below given piece of ancient love poetry.

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Ancient Love Poetry: God Zeus and A Guy: Strange Desires

Ancient Love Poetry Strange Desires

First flight of love beyond graceful treats,

Dancing couples, happy butterflies on streets;

The village was beautiful, all green and happy.

God Zeus flew past its happy dense canopy.

Intrigued, he fell in love with the village,

Decided to pay a visit to it in craze.

God Zeus took the form of a beggar

And knocked at guy’s door.

The guy opened the door,

Laid a mat on the floor,

Invited him in his hut

And offered him some water, but

The beggar refused to drink

And the guy began to think!

‘What should I offer you.

Shall I call my wife to cook for you.’

‘No,’ the beggar replied.

‘You see, I am a good

Beggar looking for a bride.

Someone told me, you have on side

A beautiful girl

With beautiful curl;

I would like to see her

And if love fuels, marry her.’

The guy was surprised,

Which he couldn’t hide.

He looked at him,

And again, at him,

Wondering why a beggar would appear

Out of nowhere and seemed happier

To see his lovely daughter,

Whom he loved so much higher

Than perceived by those who lived nearby.

‘What kind of beggar would do that,’ he was fry!

This is the end of Part 2, which takes further the story of Ancient Love Poetry: God Zeus and A Guy.

So, hold your breath and be ready to watch out for this ancient love poetry space for Part 3 of an amazing story that explores new territories of love and strange desires.