Poems About Pain and A Heart to Train!

Poems about pain and a heart to train, the life goes oh, oh, oh, while sitting in a train. My brain ain’t trained to absorb my fate and it forced me to ponder on, ‘Is it too late to think.’

There is limitless pain in my life and in fact, all lives. And it is how we deal with that makes us distinct from others. There are countless lives that are impacted by the very pain and it is our duty to listen to those who are around us.

Poems About Pain to Let Go of Emotions

Poems about pain are one way of letting out the emotions connected to problems in our lives.

With a heavy heart he lived less,

Just like with little sleep, life’s a toss;

He ain’t any longer his own boss,

Things hard and there is a huge loss!

When we feel sad about someone/something lost, negative energy builds up. So, it is essential to let go of this negative energy by ways of talking to someone trusted or writing feelings on a paper. Then, there is originality, which can be harnessed to find motivation.

Heart is all about blood going in and out and heartbeats. If there is no blockage, then life is healthy; otherwise, worse can be imagined. The idea is to train our heart to keep things unhindered and smooth.

If you are feeling heaviness in your mind, then remember you are not alone.

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The-Fate-had-it-All - Poems-About-Pain

The Fate had it All! – Poems About Pain

(The fate thing can be quite complex as well as challenging to understand, but luckily this poem tries to live up to the expectations!)

I lived through the hell,

I rang its door bell,

The shell was hard to crack,

Life shattered and turned back;

Where must I find solace,

Where must I find shiny lace,

There is darkness all around,

Is my fate hell bound?

No, it can’t be true,

I remained a good man;

But alas, the pain is more for them,

What can be done for them?

The fate I curse, no longer in control,

The fate is but an unkind role;

There are no boundaries to limit the loss,

A win I thought, which turned to a loss?

The fate, what it stands, I wonder,

Smoothing things and things to hinder;

He sat like a snake on his treasures,

Lo, an earthquake to strike out measures!

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A Heart to Train for Worldly Pain – Poems About Pain

(How will you train your heart for worldly pain; darling, it isn’t about how to train your dragon!)

Heart is big and heart is small,

Not a random walk in a small

Park with a narrow lane

And fewer trees to shield the sun!

The sadness in my heart

I bore, I am quite sore;

There is not one to listen to

When I am bored.

Where must my thoughts reside?

When the sky is blue, the sun is blazing,

There is nothing to shield the rays,

I must find another way to channel my heart!