Why Happy Poems Should be Read Daily

Why Happy Poems Should be Read Daily?

The world is cruel and I lost many happy poems,

I lost many happy moments,

I lost many happy smiles;

I lost many good days;

I lost many good friends;

I lost things; the list never ends!

What should be done to stay jolly;

Reading happy poems to stay jolly!

The scope of happy poems just will never end. There are countless lost moments of happiness in everybody’s life. In fact, it will be an impossible task to make a list of losses.

So what should be done?

Well, the answer is simple, ready happy poems to find lost smiles or generate inner good vibes.

What do you do when physically tired?

Obviously, you take a rest.

On similar notes, what you do when overwhelmed?

Obviously, there are many things that people can do within their capacity and reading happy poems is one of them!

Now, be ready to read below short happy poems and make your day count!

Be Cheerful – Happy Poems

Be Cheerful – Happy Poems

Be cheerful despite of losses

And life’s heavy troubles,

For there are moments to cherish

And many breaths to fall in love with;

Let’s sing good songs,

Let’s read happy poems,

Adore what you have,

And be optimistic for future days!

Sing a Song, Prove Others Wrong – Happy Poems

Sing a song, sing a song, sing a song, song;

Let smiles be ready to prove others wrong.

Trails to care,

Life’s so fair,

Live sad, live happy,

Sitting on a chair!

Sing a song, sing a song, sing a song, song;

Let smiles be ready to prove others wrong.

Bright tomorrows,

Big sorrows,

They vanish

And they come;

Sing a song, sing a song, sing a song, song;

Let smiles be ready to prove others wrong.

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Sweet Thoughts – Happy Poems

Sweet thoughts to do us good,

Let’s eat salads and summer food;

Every drop a life to count,

Good words for love to mount,

There is an amazing chant,

Cast a good spell to make it count,

Happy lives shake, shake, shake,

A good cake to always bake!

A Single Tear – Happy Poems

A single tear of happiness made my day,

The sun was high and I made my way;

There are things unknown to confront

And be afraid of; but I will sit in front

With my smiles and pleasing words,

I have a list of good beautiful words!

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Broken Mirror – Happy Poems

I found my many smiles in a broken mirror;

Oh dear, oh dear, life’s too short to make it a horror

Movie; so, just smile, smile, and smile,

Be fantastic, ready to help and walk a mile!

A little sphere of good deeds

has made my life smooth,

A litter sphere of good words

Has made my life smooth;

So, smile, smile, and smile,

Ready to help and walk a mile!

LifeXcites’ Verdict

It is essential to find happiness; otherwise, life looks dull. A good way is to read happy poems and be awesome the moment you step out.

Always remember, happiness isn’t a destination, and life is too short to carry the baggage of frowns!