valentine day poetry

The Twilight Saga: Valentine – Valentine Day Poetry – Part5

Valentine Week is special in every sense and thus, if you are a romantic person then what better way to think of than sending a beautifully crafted Valentine Day Poetry. Besides that, you can also think of sharing best wishes, short messages, and catchy images with your wonderful partner.

Day 4: Teddy Day

After spending a whole evening in a sequined red flaring halterneck dress, enjoying different types of chocolates and chocolate cakes, she returned home fully tired. She drank a glass of warm water and went to sleep. However, the sleep angel was miles away. She went from one side to the other, but alas, she was too excited to sleep. It has been a memorable and thriving chocolate day and ooh…the dress she got as a gift turned the heat on to a new level so much that she even thought of calling him even at 11:00 pm to have a nice time flirting with him and also talk about the itinerary for Teddy Day.

Beautiful words are for life and so is inspiring Valentine Day Poetry: Lovers on Teddy Day gift cute teddy bears to each other to express their love and affection. It also symbolizes that their partner is a nice person and as lovable as a teddy bear.

Teddy Bear for Teddy Day – Valentine Day Poetry

teddy day poetry

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

You are so cute, teddy bear.

Let’s celebrate this Teddy Day

With inspiring Valentine Day Poetry,

And of course, a red or pink teddy bear!

Love and be loved…happy Valentine Day Poetry…and the journey continues…