The Story of a Lost Bride and Her Insane Lover A Sad Poem

The Story of a Lost Bride and Her Insane Lover: A Sad Poem

The Story of a Lost Bride and Her Insane Lover is a sad poem for always that will enthrall you in ways deemed impossible. On reaching the end, you may feel haunted by the sad poem and the feeling may stay with you for days to come.

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A Story About a Cursed Hill and Definite Sad Poem moments

Alert! The story is about a cursed hill and a lost bride with ample goosebumps!

Without going further, it is time to enjoy a beautiful short sad poem titled Lost Bride.

The story is about a man whose wife climbed the hill but never returned. Baffled and agonized, the husband goes up the hill against the will of the elders of his village down the hill. Sadly, he too never returned.

After him, many people, one after another, went up the hill to find the lover, but they also never returned.

Therefore, there is now a general agreement among the villagers that the snow-covered hill has been cursed by the lost bride. And now, this is the duty of the elders of villagers to convince the young blood that the hill is haunted and nobody should go up the hill cursed with love!

Sounds too strange, huh!

Only you can find out! Read this amazing sad poem on Lost Bride.

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Lost Bride – A Short Sad Poem

Lost Bride – A Short Sad Poem

He climbed a snow-white hill

To find his lost bride,

Some say, she is now a part of the hill,

Some say, she likes to hide

In the moist air,

But you won’t find her!

Lover though tried to call her,

He couldn’t feel her,

He couldn’t see her,

He couldn’t sniff her:

Where thou must be hidden

These are my last breaths forbidden!

Now, the village down the hill

Has elders who say,

Don’t go up the hill,

It is cursed with love!

And everyone who wonders

And challenges the great say,

Who goes up the hill, but

Never returns!

So, now everyone says:

Don’t trust the hill;

Its moist air is so chill,

Your breaths will stand still,

You will never return to live;

The hill is cursed by the lost bride,

And the insane man who stood by her side;

The hill is cursed with white,

Kites will go up and be lost in white,

Their love is cursed

Their love is cursed!

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