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The Fine Art of Finding Happiness Through Happy Short Poems

What is happiness? The answer is simple as well as complex to the same extent. The answer will be different for everyone and the type of happiness would also differ contrastingly on the same scale. In fact, the role that happiness plays in our lives would be different too. However, one fact is certain, everyone tries to find happiness in their own unique ways. On the same note, literary enthusiasts are always ready to embrace the fine art of finding happiness through happy short poems.


The following is one such poem that will surely delight readers:

Happy Short Poem

The Happy Short Poem

When I see the world from the top, 

It looks less flawed;

A closer look and

There comes biasedness clawed.

What is happiness?

Fewer people tend to find

When there is chaos and

No time to wind

Up a pile of losses:

Good things go for a toss,

Accumulating losses.

So just drop the baggage of hope and

Expectations for some time;

Let sunshine soothe, wind calm you,

And meditate for some time

For a happier life,

Akin to a happy birthday knife!