Sad Love Poetry A Princess in a Tower

Sad Love Poetry: A Princess in a Tower

The genre sad love poetry is sweet and everlasting, communicating certain deprivations that are mostly common to all mortals, though intensity and propensity may differ from individual to individual.


When we talk about life, the heart must come along. Besides, have you ever imagined what we would be without our tiny hearts?


If such a calamity is supposed to occur, then the tears and emotions will lose their connection and their significance too.


All this points to that heart is essential for our lives. However, when there is a day, there will be nights too. When there are gains, there would be losses too. Many other analogies can be true and presented with much hassle. So, sad love poetry gains significance.

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A Vain Love! An Instance of Sad Love Poetry

Where thou would go,

Thou left thy beating heart with me!

This post is about a princess who dared to love a poor man. But their love got rejections all across the kingdom. The father wanted her to marry a king, but the daughter won’t listen to him. She fell in love with the child of a servant who attended her.

As with the rule of the world, the status mismatch is utter chaos. The story of the princess is not different too on that scale. Their love was disapproved and when they tried to carry it further, it met strong resistance. No one supported them, except their love of course.

Now read on to find what happened?

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A Princess in a Tower – Sad Love Poetry

A Princess in a Tower – Sad Love Poetry

Locked in the room, the top of the tower,

The princess cried and cried, her tears rolling nonstop.

She wondered, oh God, why her love not approved,

What wrong she did?

She just fell in love with a handsome good man

Of the servant who served her.

There were windows all across her room,

All good amenities, a wonderful view of green mountains,

What at what cost?

Why would someone hate pure love?

She thought and thought,

And cried and cried nonstop;

She looked out of the window,

Her lover tied on a raised platform

Just outside the ground gate of the tower.

His hand and legs were tied to poles with

Ropes made for horses;

The tower was quite high,

And there was winter dew,

So she was not able to look clearly,

But yes, his robes appeared to be torn,

And he was being looked by people

Clustered around, gossiping, but a silent mob!

Her heart was racing against time,

Her emotions quite high,

What she must do within her capacity?

But then, she heard some voices,

‘Lash him hard.’

And there were shrieks of pain:

He cried. ‘What’s my fault, my love is pure.’

She prayed to god, even to gods she didn’t serve,

She prayed to Satan, begged to keep her soul,

But in vain.

Today was not that day,

Simply, not that usual day.

Then, she heard her name,

‘Princess, I die for you.’

He was dead, but still tied.

‘O God, this painful heart is too much to bear.’

My lover is here, I am here, and my love is here

Too. So she jumped from the tower with

An unusual smile. She felt free of all cares

Just before hitting the ground and

She became a dead body, in front of her dead lover.

His wounds, her blood;

Her life for his life!

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