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Rethinking Your Life with Happy Short Poems – Part III

‘Health is wealth’ is old age, but holds relevance and will continue to do so even more for time to come. Thus, it is paramount to add goals that will keep you healthy and wise. Well, if you lack that motivation amidst noisy chores, then Rethinking Your Life with Happy Short Poems can be so much fun. Read the following short poems and be a getter:

No pain, no gain,

Ask batman, aka Bruce Wayne;

Rethink your life with happy short poems,

Make conscious efforts for healthy gums.

You choose, you decide

What’s your best ride;

The life is fun and too much pain too;

Life is long and equally small too!

Let’s rethink being healthy is wealth with this third installment, no wonder hence the collaborating name ‘Rethinking Your Life with Happy Short Poems – Part III.’ The time has come to cut on compensating stimulants like additional cups of tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc., and claim your wonderful asset ‘Good Health.’


Get good sleep every night, which is very important in rethinking life (envisioned in Rethinking Your Life with Happy Short Poems – Part II), but so are Prayer and Meditation, the force of which is so strong that it will facilitate not only clarity and but also abundance in terms of happy health time.


The Most Important Aspects from My Perspective via Happy Short Poems

Prayer and Meditation:

Adequate sleep for whole rest and mental pill,

Then, indulge in prayer and meditation for an improved will,

Calling orientation toward positivity, and

To be able to focus to expand

intense gratitude:

Having gratitude

Is so much more,

Not one, two, three, or four,

But to abundance mindset,

And be fully set

To open limitless opportunities

And also possibilities.

Be grateful to what you have,

Then, there will an aura to behave

positively and be good to all;

Good thing will surely fall!

We All Live Among People and Express Gratitude

The Fact it is, we all live among people of different caliber and behavioral instincts, so just like we prefer fresh groceries for the kitchen, the onus is on us to be with good ones and express our gratitude daily to the creator as well as its mortal creation.

Contagious Gratitude:

Find contagious Gratitude

And be awesome;

Unlock the key to success

With it, unearthing so many more virtues.

Put yourselves in a healthy space of gratitude,

For the world has much to offer,

And disallow getting distracted!


Life is a star, so shine, shine, shine,

Be happy, but never whine;

So much to achieve, so much to do,

Sorry affairs of shrinking hearts hardly woo!