Poetry on Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts

Poetry on Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts

The core message of Poetry on Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts is that mere thinking of suicide is an act of great cuelty to self. And actually going ahead and making a suicide is the most disliked even in the eyes of God.

Great sorrows, endless sufferings, and no relief can break even the bravest hearts. And when that happens cometh the evil of suicidal thoughts. Therefore, anyone suffering from deep anxiety and a state of continuous agitation should always seek help.

This post on suicide and suicidal thoughts is a good worldly advice that no matter what suicidal thoughts should be kept at bay by different means such as leisure walking, talking to a close friend/family member, and seeking timely medical attention. Reading poetry can be a good option too while actively thinking that there are so many others in deeper despair and losses who are fighting every single day.

You are not alone and never should feel alone and always keep company, if you are battling the corrupt mind.


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Hear No Evil: Poetry on Suicide

The below given poem ‘Hear No Evil’ has been written solely keeping in mind that those with disheartening suicide thoughts should strive to live with pain rather than ending life and ending all good thinks owned.

There might be many instances in life when your heart is almost broken and there is nothing but hollowness. But don’t worry, remember that there are many others who choose to struggle and find life. Take inspiration from them and protect yourself from knocking the door of evil.


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You have a beautiful mind and body, so try to live with pain, which is always quite hard. But does that mean you should stop trying. No, not at any cost. Your life is important for yourself as well as others. No human is alone, as everyone has a connection to someone. Just make sure that someone is a good soul.


Hear No Evil

Hear no evil,

Feel you nerve,

A beautiful mind and a beautiful body

To keep and shake,

Why not choose life over death?

The suicidal thoughts are not your friends,

They are malice and disguised foes,

You must spot them early

And seek some timely help.


A heartbeat you got,

And remember the happy lot,

You are battling sufferings indeed,

But so are many in this world.

So say, ‘choose life’

As your happy wife,

Discard the evil thoughts of death,

Remember your first cry at birth!


The bark of dog, the bite of snake,

The sting of bee, and the venom of scorpion,

All have a thing in common,

Which is stroking fear.

But fear you must now,

The will of God will always stay,

But the will of your mind will first sway!

No to suicidal thoughts

And yes to life

Is all you need to say.


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