Oh My Jesus Prayer for Peace

Oh My Jesus Prayer for Inner Peace

Reading Oh My Jesus Prayer is indeed a wonderful medium to achieve much-needed inner peace.


Lord Jesus! Thy name peace and thy name to reach my sore heart and broken cart!


There is nothing better to soothe aching nerves than reading a catholic evening prayer after a hectic day of work and worldly affairs. A catholic bedtime prayer goes a long way to ensure inner peace so that one feels burden free after getting up the next morning. Free energy and calm will persist for those who routinely read Oh My Jesus Prayer before going to sleep.


At LifeXcites, our motive is to ensure you get the continuous feed of fresh and unique Oh My Jesus Prayer for your daily inner peace needs.


Given below is a nice Oh My Jesus Prayer written in simple English, which is easy to understand and learn by heart.

Inner Peace: Oh My Jesus Prayer to Learn

Inner Peace Oh My Jesus Prayer to Learn

Our Father, give us inner peace

For our hearts are sore and reach

For your good words.

Our Father, my words

Are poor and yours refined,

Bless me; forgive my sin and

Sooth my broken heart with your charm;

I take oath to be good and never harm

Any mortal being either with words

Or through my unjustified actions!

If you are a believer of good Jesus, then Oh My Jesus Prayer will surely soothe you inside out. All you need to do is trust the process and ensure reading it at least once during the day. This will bring respite in the form of inner peace and you will start feeling good soon. Things that appeared to be under chaos will slowly start aligning themselves and you will feel more energetic and spiritually lifted.


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Below you will find yet another Oh My Jesus Prayer to read and learn. It is short and narrates the importance of being a believer of the heavenly charm of Jesus.

Oh My Jesus Prayer to Read for Inner Peace

Our Father, I’m a believer;

I believe in you and your far

Reaching words.

I have no words

To bound your glory but still try,

Things to lose and things to fry,

Things so loose and things in utter chaos

Aling with your glorious name. These vows

Of mine must not be just futile

Your name’s tremendous and fertile!


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