I Believe in the Magic of Sad Poem and Fairies Who Lost All

I Believe in the Magic of Sad Poem and Fairies Who Lost All

I believe, I believe, I believe in the magic of a sad poem, and I try, I try, I try to relive my pain and sufferings! The ghosts of the past linger with my mood, and the lineage means a hard struggle all day and night; endless sorrows hit hard, and there is a sea of sadness vast.

I want to read a sad love poem, and pieces of sad love poetry in turn love me like a brother. In love I lost, in life I lost, bets I lost, house I lost, my peace I lost, my wealth I lost, until losing became not so strange. But a sad poem gave me respite.

I first lost myself in sad lines and then found myself a brave heart. The whole world trembles with pain I found, and the endless sufferings I found, so much insanity and brooding over huge losses. I must not be alone, I rejoice; so many suffer still more than me and that makes an invisible but strong bond. I found a new connection and it gave me strength even more; I am sad, but I am happy too, and I am not all alone!


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Fairies Who Lost Their Pride: A Sad Poem Did Lure Me

A sad poem did lure me to new depths, many lines explored and pondered on. There were beautiful fairies who lost their purple and white wings to some rustic songs and many who found treacherous men and still more who lost their way to home. So under a tree near the graves they sit and cry, praying God to save them, but alas no help to come for they stood strangled by cunning Satan.

Once they shone like little stars but the dust caught them strange and profound. ‘Wow how nice the dust shines under the glimmering sun,’ they thought and made their way to the earth. First sun bath was slow and nice and many baths were yet to come, but little did they know, all soon would be lost.

A fairy lost her wings to fire, a fairy lost them to strong winds, a fairy lost them to the cruel sun, and a fairy lost its wings to a big tree while staying away from shadows that moved. So many lost even more, and many slayed under the curse of witch, many were tagged wiccan and burnt alive by the villagers where they took shelter, and many were lured by wicked men to make nice little fluffy babies!



My lonely sad heart for all fairies who lost, my tears for their great sorrows, and my prayers they find some peace. I can relate so real with white fairies and recount their horrors live; there is so much at stake and I found it all in a piece of sad poem!

Hope you liked this unique post. We will be back soon with something more enticing. Till then, goodbye. Happy reading and sharing!


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