Happy Short Poems on Underwater Photography

Happy Short Poems on Underwater Photography

The poem Happy Short Poems on Underwater Photography is a fine blend of wonders of best underwater photography and happy short poems. Therefore, it offers poetry lovers a pleasant chance to feast on the best of both worlds at the same time.

Reimagine Ocean

Ocean is very vast;

Ocean stands for life;

See life in an ocean at best,

With happiness so rife.

Since time immemorial, good pictures have always captivated the big folks. Also, being attractive comes at the behest of a price, which in this case is sheer hard work, determination, die-hard will, and impressive imagination. That said, being a photographer is not easy and becoming a well-known one is surely daunting. It is like an adventure and the extremes of that adventure indeed include underwater photography.

Across the internet, exclusive happy short poems on underwater photography are rare. So here, we endeavor to bring the best happy poetry on superexciting underwater photography.

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2022

Every year, UPY (Underwater Photographer of the Year) conducts a photography competition, wherein talented photographers from all over the world compete with each other by sending their stunning images. For the underwater photography competition 2022, photographers submitted their best shots for a chance to be declared as ‘Underwater Photographer of the Year 2022.’

So, sit, relax, read, enjoy, and share:

Dancing with the Giants of the Night

Rafael Fernandez Caballero from Spain won the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2022 title for his stunning piece of underwater photography.

This is what one of the judges said about the stunning photograph.

Judge’s comment: It is said that Jacques Cousteau only saw three whale sharks in his whole life, so a photo of five together is something special. But this stunning image is about far more numbers, although it required precision timing to find a moment that they would all fit in frame and with all their faces visible. In the dead of night, the biggest migration of life on occurs when billions on plankton rise from the depths. And here have aggregated in the golden lights of a boat providing a feast fit for giants. Darkness was the opportunity, but also the photographic challenge for Rafael to see and successfully photograph such a grand scene in the inky sea. What a spectacle, a frame with more life than water.Alex Mustard

underwater photography poetry

(Image Credit: BBC News)
Dancing with the Giants of the Night: The Poem

A grand salute to Rafael Fernandez Caballero,

Who won the prize ‘Underwater Photographer of the Year 2022.’ Bravo!

A man on a difficult journey to capture amazing sea beasts,

Incredible to eyes, indeed among once-in-a-lifetime feasts.

A judge rightly said: ‘Photography needs

Light – and simply recording these

Giants in a dark ocean is a massive achievement.’

Time to get inspired, time to soak a nice compliment.

Careful composition and beautiful light,

A sight to behold in artificial light;

Whale sharks must have sensed his prowess,

Nocturnal plankton too gathered to confess

Around the lights of a boat.

A frame to capture Five Great

Whale Sharks will live through the life –

An extraordinary feat,

Vibrant, fascinating, and neat!

A Luck Story of Whale Sharks – Happy Short Poems

A Luck Story of Whale Sharks – Happy Short Poems

In the mighty ocean,

Magical events surely always happen.

But there are great moments when magic

Is at best and confidently happens all together,

Then, one will only think about dreaming.

It is true, just pinch hard

And indeed, it was true on that amazingly lucky night

In the famous Maldives.

The sun had just shown its last ray,

Heartily the night arrived saying, ‘On my way.’

A boat floated gleefully, up and down,

The man did not know, he would get a crown.

All he had was pure will and desire,

The fine knowledge and belly fire.

A chance to indulge in self-love,

A chance to showcase his love

For big ocean

And big creatures of the ocean.

The night fall prompted a whale shark

To come near the boat BlueForce One.

He jumped with his partner in the unsettled water

And then another biggie came near.

Both were happy,

Both drowned in ecstasy,

Ocean was the scene,

And indeed, it was keen.

A couple of hours later,

Not to occur, not to occur,

Magic really happened!

Out of the mad blue, madness so happened,

In came whale sharks

In big numbers.

He was together

With a shark researcher, Gador Muntaner.

Both struggled to believe what they were seeing.

Surprise, 11 whale sharks surrounded them, seeing

Which they thanked God.

Unbelievable! It was an exceptional moment

To be even possible. Good luck Whale Sharks meant

Even more. There is magic,

Ocean is magic,

And magic happens in the grand ocean every day.

Visit the beach and feel sand every day!

A life to explore, a lifetime opportunity,

To feel that magic touch. Until infinity

The moments will exist,

But oceans need protection from an unwanted fist.

Protect the big oceans and sharks,

Or else, these moments

Will cease to exist

And will soon be things on the ‘ENDANGERED’ list.

They will become past.

So pledge, do not be last

To be vocal about their rights,

As health takes bites and fights.

Long live oceans,

Long live white sharks!