Ode Poem Examples

Ode, Odes, Happy Short Poems, and Ode Poem Examples

I fell in love with An Ode on Jesus, the mighty charm to nourish; behold, cometh thy calming wings and soothing aura to claim lost hearts. Odes on thy name, happy short poems to gain, and ode poem examples will follow like jumping drops of rain!

How to Write an Ode – A Tip

How to Write an Ode

Ode as a genre is a lot difficult as compared to other forms of poetry. However, there is nothing satisfying as putting an effort to it and cherishing the final view of art thus created.

Never knew an ode will come, a dream of odes to some; the wonderful art of writing ode poem examples and sharing through happy short poems!

An Ode to Jesus: Happy Short Poems and Ode Poem Examples to Surprise

Who could be more worthy of an ode than almighty Jesus!

Sun vowed to never harm Earth; thy vow to keep hearts fertile even surprises odes. Many ode poem examples will flourish and ask thy benign care. A happy short poem will also vow to lure who cometh under thy great wings.

Our Father, my odes carry my heart and mind.  The below ode will survive the rest; my odes to follow will oblige thy test!

The Day the Earth Stood Still, Jesus Thy Glorious Ode

Jesus Thy Glorious Ode

Our Father, exquisite thy name;

Thy first breath, air grew anxious;

The first smile enough to tame

Most arduous fires’ heart; ferocious

Sun kneeled as thou winter at best;

A new vigor seen, the birds also keen,

Dogs and cats charmed each, and playful jingles strived to reach

Craving ears and gloomy hearts felt rest;

Flowers in haste, new melodies seen

Defying natural laws; the day the Earth stood still to calmly teach!

Note: The above ode can be put to critical appreciation with due credit to the author (Mazhar). Also, these odes, though, are open to all and would be fun to read, advance readers and literature researchers will find more depth to it. The solo motive of this post and others that will follow is to revive the lost art of odes. This is what LifeXcites is all about, fulfilling next-generation literature aspirations and linguistic command quests.

Say cheers to Ode, Odes, Happy Short Poems, and Ode Poem Examples!

Feel the love, read with love, and share with love – LifeXcites!