Believe in the Magic of the Quotes and Poems – I

Believe in the Magic of the Quotes and Poems – I

Believe in the Magic of the Quotes and Poems – I: Quotes and poems are powerful tools to nourish the mind and they are, as has been established, a good source of motivation and experiencing those exclusive good vibes. There are many kinds of quotes, including love quotes, freaky quotes, rons gone wrong quotes, everything everywhere all at once quotes, boy mom quotes, and petty quotes. These quotes present a good choice of words that act as food for thoughts.

Please find below a range of quotes and poems spanning different categories. Interestingly, some of them can be read as standalone short poems too.


There are many strangers

Who I met to work;

I love seeing strangers

Who smile and shine!

A stranger he was,

A stranger he remained,

I gave him my heart,

But got frowns in return.

Thanks God,

He was a stranger!

Stranger things happen

In this strange world!

Love at first sight,

In this strange world!

Corn on the cob

He wanted to sob;

His wife said, no!

He cried, ho, ho, ho!

Corn on the cob

A thief came to rob.


A refrigerator!

But got caught,

Wanting to enjoy

Boiled corn on the cob!

Things to do this summer,

Go to a beach with mother,

Eat summer salads

Enjoy summer meals,

This is how I feel,

Not sure how you feel!


Below given quotes and poems are based on lovely creatures called cats…meow…meow…meow!

She is a cat, chasing a rat;

There is a bowl, down the hole!

A cat eating in a bowl

Saw a mouse out his hole;

What to do she thought,

This supper or that fat rat!


Below are given unique quotes that are suitable for Mother’s Day. These can be shared with your lovely moms throughout the year.

God gave us mothers for good reasons: Kids Birth, Raising Kids, Loving Kids, Protecting Kids, and Sharing a Bond Never Seen!

Mother, sweet mother, thy touch a feather!

My mother is best, so are the rest!

A mother for all, love will stand tall!


Sun shines and so does our lovely Earth. You can find numerous sunrise and sunset quotes, but those mentioned below take up the experience a bit further. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, enjoy them on the go!

Behold! There goes my heart with sunset dreams, my eyes scream and indeed heart screams!

Deliver me to sunset hues;

I’ll climb the trees in Big Shoes!

Every sunset is beautiful, but not everyone sees it!

Watching sunset is a giant leap of faith!

A guide to sunset dreams; Enjoying icy-cold ice-creams!

Sunsets are like happy dreams!

Best mountains for the most scenic views;

Best sunsets for the most beautiful views;

Those busy in cities, enjoying progress,

Miss so much, they don’t have any clues!

Sunset jungles are as beautiful as superfluous lines of poetry.

Sunset jungles to fall in love with, beautiful sunset pictures to share with friends!

A long stretch of road during a sunset looks amazing: Time for a drive!

A sunset road to a long drive, a happy heart to thrive!


My Summer Dream

Cream of cream,

My summer dream,

To California, New York,

Grand Canyon, or Mackinac Island,

I have a dream;

Where to swim,

On the beaches of Jekyll Island,

And so more,

I have a dream,

A gala summer dream!


New York City Nightlife: NY is known for its significant nightlife. 🌑LifeXcites presents an exclusive short poetry to embrace New York City Nightlife!


New York City Night Life

New York City Night Life,

Young adults and happy wife;

Good vibes to fall in love with,

Restaurants for yummy food with

Melting desserts and colorful drinks,

High time and feverish hearts at brinks!


Fallen Angel

A fallen angel’s

Deep love for dark;

In night, it crawls

When dogs unusually bark!


Italian Summer

Hotels on a hill

overlooking clear seas;

Water boats and refreshing drinks,

Looking at vast seas!


Summer, summer, what you want?

What you whisper, what you chant?

I want,

Surely want,

A window by sea,

A refreshing tea!


Given below are a couple of power quotes comprising many interesting lines for colorful nails. If you are a lady, then this one is surely for you. If you’re a man, then it presents a great choice to woo your lovely love.

Her love for colorful nails,

The summer it was, which fails

Never to taste sweat:

Indeed, summer nails a treat!

Behold! The charming summer nails;

Glittering, pleasing never fails!


All of us dream, and it is good to dream big. Thus, if you have lost interest in dreams, then the below-mentioned quotes on dreams are ideal for you.

A lonely island to roam,

Dreams are made of foam!

All life moments flashed,

All things lost flashed,

But this is not the end!

I must be dreaming, thoughts must be streaming, when things unseen were seen, and shadows were so green!


Stranger Things I See!

Stranger things I see:

He seems a good man to me;

She seems a good woman to me;

What are we talking about,

I still don’t know them?

Let’s talk something else, shall we!


The below given quote is a unique choice, and you won’t easily find one on strangers that we meet every day.

Stranger he was,

Quickly he slipped in my heart;

He touched and kissed me,

And I couldn’t even melt in time!

But wow! But how?

He was just a stranger!


We sincerely hope you liked these power quotes spanning a wide range of quote classes. We will be back with more soon. Until then, you can click QuoteStore for 10 Best Financial Freedom Quotes and Best 30 Stoic Quotes to Read and Share.