A Warrior Born Sad Poem Drama

Ahul-alla: A Warrior Born! Sad Poem Drama 2

A Brief Introduction: Sad Poem Drama Unfolds Sweetly

Set in the scenic Ahul-alla, this sad poem part 2 depicts how a warrior is born on the brave land! The air of hell and heaven to loathe, the will in terrorized seas to float, the sound of death and life similarly marked, thou must be insane or sanity of a different kind: Ahul-alla the best for braves who fought for greed to shed blood and smile at the drop fallen from the sweetest cheeks.

This sad poem drama will spellbound you as you soak in the feelings abundant in every word!

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A New Born Warmed by the Great Gate of Ahul-alla Hell

Thou who fought the hardest and being silly to stake life for glory, must be so with a purest heart, kindled fire in the cold and danced on the gate of hell! Rise warm air, thou must rise to new heights, the barren land made fertile with blood, the child of God, the son of a man, the heart of a purest won fair maiden, and akin to other souls felt the warmth of ash and smoke of the Gate of Ahul-alla Hell!

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His Father: His Mystic Sword and the Gifted Bracelet

A master of swords and arts of battle to behold, thou cherish an eye for Hell and sweetest King and Queen to praise. Praise Lord too, he fought along the glorious king and won many battles of pride, and showered indeed with the finest jewels of flag wins and the bracelet of the glorious Queen herself.

sad poem - His Mystic Sword and the Gifted Bracelet

Queen declared while handing over her bracelet to him:

This bracelet thou keep,

Thou fought well and kind besides my King,

A token of faith, love, and intimacy thy share,

Thou indeed the best keeper of my little charm!

His Mother: A Trophy to Cherish for Life

The kind King giveth him the chance to find his luck, and the luck he found in the hands of a fairest maiden. Long hairs with life in every strand, the best silky heart beats in the hands of a pure man, a land to desire, a land to never never share, where the beasts would calm with her soothing sways, insanity to cry foul and sanity to food, the laurels to maketh the serene calm, and the white bosom to slowly crawl fingers on!

His heavy hand put gently on her swelling pride, the curls of fingers and the gateway of breaths to linger, a gentle index finger to make the whirl, the ecstasy to unfold in rarest ways found, a little up and a little down, and then the bursts of heavy breaths made ripples on the streams, eyes to eyes tightly bound and a fearless kissed passed. She closed her eyes in mirth, a dream to come true of childhood days, a brave man to kiss on her forehead she always eagerly dreamt.

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