A Sad Poem on Death to Lure. Part 2: A Death That Matters

A Sad Poem on Death to Lure. Part 2: A Death That Matters

‘Where are you, Jack?’ ‘Reading the first part of A Sad Poem on Death to Lure, dad.’


Welcome to the second part of the sad poem, wherein the truest aspect of life in the form of death comes to the fore. What death is, really? It is a true complex question and there have been many answers to it, the crux of which is that death is a remarkable truth.

Yes, you heard it right!

A remarkably simple conclusive truth. Even the matrix had it right: Everything that has a beginning has an end.


Dreaming of life I lived,

Unaware what death holds,

Life was all cluttered and shaky,

But smoothly the drama of death folds!


This sad poem is a gentle reminder of the power of life and death. Both have their values and both have a different nature, both are powerful, and but both sadly are not perceived the same way out of some misplaced sense of truth even though both complement each other in seemingly natural ways.


A Death That Matters: An Era of Visions

All of us have lost someone in life at some point of time, so we can all relate to death if we are able to make simple efforts. Yes indeed, simple fair effort is all it takes to discuss freely about death.

Find a short poem on life and death below where light is shed to spark love with both!


I Did Choose Both Life and Death

The shadow of death looms,

The camera of life zooms

To find only ill omens:

Where did I lose my life,

Where did I choose death?


There are answers to my life,

There will some for my death too, a life

To die hard,

A life to be

Always content with!


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Find below another interesting sad poem piece that will make you nervy but glad.


A Death That Matters

A death that matters to all,

A death so welcome to all,

I martyr I must die for a noble cause;

There are consequences to every choice,

And grateful I must be for the choices made.


So meaningful and sure I was in life,

So meaning and sure I am when death embraces me,

There were beautiful goals of my life,

Most beautiful being the human thinking good for humans,

No hatred did I perceive, a choice to help those in need,

I am quite content that my life was not insignificant, at least to some,

I am quite content to say ‘Hello’ to my death.


A death that matters,

A death so sure,

A death for a good man,

A death to think of being reborn with still nobler goals,

A death so expressive,

A death to meet stars,

And twinkle like a diamond in the sky,

A death to conclude my wholesome life,

A death to say final thanks to the almighty God.


LifeXcites hopes that you liked the second part of the sad poem. We will be back sooner than you think with more unique sad poems, until then do read our other pieces of sad poetry and sad love poetry.